Photo Credit: Katharina Bosse

“…Johnson makes his pieces do something: artist as technician and strategist, not merely commentator or parodist. This sounds awfully Romantic until one notes that Johnson isn’t so much intent on building new worlds as he is on making-do within his existing one. Johnson’s kluges jolt their audience into reconsidering the parameters of what it means for a machine to work – and for this they participate in a cultural shift that is quickly reinventing how individuals use the tools available to them.”
Bennett Simpson

Paul Johnson’s early work consists of video projectors built out of consumer electronics and found materials. These pieces experiment with optics, video production, computer modeling, electronics, and light installation. Each projector represents a unique combination of parts integral to the content and operation of the work.

As the projectors evolved, they became increasingly interactive, eventually incorporating original video games and computer simulations. Currently, Johnson builds networked systems which draw on algorithms from economic models, game theory, and everyday observation.

Writing about his selection of subject matter Veronique Montaigne says, “This odd anthropoligical approach which mixes times and places is central to the aesthetic of the images … so exotically urban: images, for example of the destruction of a mall, a huge commercial center in Minneapolis – one would believe oneself to be in front of the Giza Pyramids, photographed in the XIXth century.”

Paul Johnson lives and works in New York City.

CV available here.