Darknetwork v2

Dark Network is a game system comprised of two game worlds: M and Cruzaders.

M is a puzzle that is won by balancing orbiting commodities around the earth. Goods on intersecting paths can be knocked from orbit to orbit. When all the goods are sorted so that a single color occupies each orbit, the puzzle is completed.

“Interlopers” are elements that periodically appear on random orbits. Interlopers include the thief, the anarchist, the steamship, and the factory. The thief will steal or eliminate any good that comes in contact with it. The anarchist will block an orbit. The steamship will spontaneously transfer intersecting pieces from orbit to orbit. The factory will reproduce or clone any piece that passes through it.

The factory and steamship are beneficial, whereas the thief and the anarchist can render the puzzle unsolvable.

Cruzaders is a game of skateboard tricks and conquest. Players compete for dominance through combat and skate boarding. The terrain and city of the Cruzaders world (which facilitates the range of skate board tricks) is initially built up, transformed, and leveled by the shifting of goods within M. At the outset of the game, the tricks performed by the avatars are influenced by M as well.

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